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Problem of hair-fall ? eat these five things

Published Date: 2015-02-08 00:00:00

If you have got headache due to hair-fall then you must pay attention on your diet. Diet with complete nutrition can be a help to your problem of hair-fall. There ere these some food which if you include in your diet may help to reduce hair-fall problem:
Egg, rich in biotin, vitamin and other nutritional components, has great importance on development of hair and maintaining healthy hair.Along with eating egg, applying it on hair with palm oil can reduce the rate of hair-fall.
According to experts, taking lentils regular along with soyabean, tofu, and beans or peas can increases iron and protein level in body and help hair to stay healthy.
Spanich is rich in iron and folate component.To keep your hair long and healthy, taking spanich regular can be beneficial.Folate component of spanich help in building red bllod cell which regulate oxygen in hair.
Sweet potato
The component like vitamins and beta-kerotin found in sweet potato is compulsory for hair to be healthy.Other sources of beta-kerotin are Gagat,pumkin etc
Capsicum is rich in vitamin C.To keep hair healthy and to increase iron in red blood cell vitamin C is necessary.So regular taking capsium in your diet can also make your healthy.