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Beautiful Girl Asking some personal questions in public

Published Date: 2015-10-06 00:00:00

This is a very funny prank video that has been uploaded on YouTube. The video has been uploaded on YouTube by an Indian channel and has been viewed almost a million times. The prank is really hilarious. In the prank a girls walks up to random and says that she is doing a survey. 

She then asks the men if they masturbate and if they do how many times a day. After that question she again asks them what is the genital size. The reactions of the people being pranked is priceless.
The video has been uploaded by channel Funk You which is a very popular Indian channel. The channel is famous for its prank videos and song parodies.

The girl walks up to a group of people. There are both girls and boys. She asks the guys in the group if they masturbate. The guys become speechless as they are with girls and get shy. But the girl on the other hand makes them answer the question any way. Some answer 2 times and week and etc. 

She asks the same questions to many people. And one says he does not know what the means. The people who are being asked do not know that they are being filmed and each and every reaction of them will be uploaded on the internet.

She again asks the men what the size of their genitals is. Many guys gert very nervous where as some say it out loud and brag about how huge their genitals is. Some guys even answer that they have no idea. That is when the most hi larious part starts. She takes out a ruler from her pocket and measure their gen*itals for. Some guys laugh all out and some get scared and run away.