Chinese introduce drone Carrying Human

China seems taking a great height in terms of science and technology. They are introducing and inventing the new shocking technology and development one by one among the world. Human Carrying Drone is another shocking development and technology introduced by Chinese drone maker Ehang Inc. on Wednesday in Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas which is first kind of drone which can be used for human transportation without any pilot.

This human carrying drone looks like a small helicopter but with four doubled propellers spinning parallel to the ground like other drones. According to Ehang, this electric-powered drone can be fully charged in two hours, and carry up to 220 pounds and fly for 23 minutes at sea level. It is designed for 10 miles periphery distance and can fly 60 miles per hour and does not needs runway.

The one of the main features of this drone is that if anything fails another system will take over and completes the flight and passengers have option to halt flight and hover in air in case of emergency. The company has not reveled anything related to the cost yet. However, it is one of the best gift from China to the mankind in this New Year.

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