Musicjoy Media is Nepal’s 1st promotional company started by a group of energetic youngsters, playing an active role within the Nepali music industry to promote creativity having positive thoughts. We are committed to helping Artists out with all other aspects of their career without discrimination of caste, sex, religion, culture and creed. We are currently working in hand to hand with various MANAGEMENT and PROMOTION Companies and are dedicated to finding quality artists and providing them with opportunities with maximum effort. Musicjoy Media is also working with various publications media on and offline providing articles and comments on current music. We feel that it is important to show a commitment to promoting our clients and any other music that we receive by connecting Nepalese people all over the world. We aim to publicize brands getting them gigs through the various links. We have with a wide range of management and promotion companies. If we like what we hear we will do our best to pass it on to the right people. Any brands that we work with will get coverage on this and other affiliated sites, ranging from Press releases to gig information. We are always looking for new talent from any genre of music and encourage artists to send us their music in order to help our artists. For more info contact us on…………….

MusicJoy Media Pvt.Ltd

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Tinkune, Kathmandu